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Extreme Quad Bike DUBAI

Get the best Desert safari Quad Bike deals offered by OP Dubai . Morning & Evening Desert Safari. Hotel Pickup. BBQ For Veg & Non-Veg. Photography.

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Quad Bike Dubai

Dubai is the capital of Desert Adventure sports. It has sprawling red dune desert districts of Al Awir and Lahbab that offer the ideal venues for all desert adventure activities. The most well-known among them is Desert Safari, however, the most popular with the locals is ATV biking or Quad Biking. These monster bikes produce huge horsepower to negotiate and fly over the red dunes to give chest-thumping thrills.

The Al Awir and Lahbab are very remote and away from the bustling megapolis of Dubai City. The venue has rolling dunes, an uninhibited view of a glorious sunset, and the desert wind that sweeps across giving you the best locale for quad biking. Al Awir and Lahbab are famous camel breeding centers. Al Awir is almost 35 km from the cist while Lahbab is around 70 km from the city of Dubai on the way to Hatta, Dubai.


Adventure sports are generally chosen as the most preferred team-building activities as they offer mental and physical challenges. ATV Quad Biking is no less. Ideally, the corporates may choose to take their employees, make teams and pit them against in each other in a variety of fun-filled, adrenalin-flowing activities led by our experienced and certified ATV Guides. You can also choose it as a group activity to celebrate an occasion!

Desert Phoenix, a company managed and run by a team of experienced tourism professionals has its own camp located in the Al Awir area of Dubai and has its own desert campsite and an attached ATV Quad Bike ring. It offers a variety of quad bikes that suit all age groups above 12. Its fleet includes bespoke ATVs that are fully maintained and comply with all safety standards.



ATV Quad Biking is mainly time-bound. Since Desert Parks owns and operates its own campsite in the Desert of Al Awir, the Quad Biking experience could be enhanced through camp facilities. This means that for short rides, you would have free water and tea/ coffee on us. For longer team-building sports, we would throw in a healthy breakfast, if you chose morning time. For evening rides of more than 2 hours, you could join us for our buffet dinner also. Plus, all the facilities like washrooms/ restrooms are well provided for.


Desert Parks Quad Biking includes

  • Well Maintained and safe ATV Quad Bikes
  • Safety Gears
  • Pick up and drop facility from your home/ hotel
  • Free use of our campsite Rest area and washrooms
  • Free Certificate of “Certified ATV Quad Biker” to boast to your friends
  • Breakfast/ dinner/ Starters, as per the option chosen and time of the activity
  • Free bottled water (cold/ Room temperature)
  • Expert Guide and safety talk
  • Experience our Desert campsite (if the time of the activity is evening and for more than 2 hours) that includes Tanoura dance, Belly dancing, and a relaxing hubbly bubbly sheesha puffing
Desert Parks Quad Biking
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You and your buddies would be given a confirmation call by our ever-friendly staff. At the exact stipulated time, our vehicles would come to pick you up. Your vehicle would drive past your favorite city, Dubai, and its glorious towers. After almost 45 minutes drive, the entire team will assemble at the “meeting point” from where you would be taken to the campsite to start the ride. While going to the campsite, you would see the glory of the red dune desert. After reaching the campsite, our experienced guide would do a brief check on you, and ask you questions related to any heart condition and for women, pregnancy could be very sensitive.

After a brief safety talk, he would lead you to your ATV bike and onboard you safely. Then comes the best part when you would be led to the open desert. There is nothing between you, your adrenalin, and the vast desert. The ride through the dunes while blowing off desert sand, taking the leaps (Not advised for first timers, though), and sharp turns. It is a duel between your monster quad bike and the dunes. If you are competing against the team, the experience would be more thrilling. After meandering desert dueling, you would be led to the campsite to refresh, catch your breath, and enjoy our tasty and hot food. If you are an eveninger then a three-course buffet awaits that includes a continental, Arabic, and Indian menu. While you enjoy your dinner, our entertainment stage would come alive with Tanoura and Belly dancing.

The whole experience is on a double when you would get your picture-perfect photograph taken by our expert photographer and a certificate from our Guide. You may also let us know if any specific team game certification is required and our event team shall coordinate with you to print and present it to your teams among the clapping hands. That would be for your Instagram/ Facebook/ and other social media family members and friends! You will have instant fame once your friends and families see you riding these monster machines.

After the full experience, you shall be dropped back into our vehicle to bring the curtain down on a fun-filled evening/ morning. The post bike experience includes sharing your pictures in the social media and gathering all the attention. This is an experience that you would like to repeat time and again with your family, friends, and office colleauges.


ATV Biking in Dubai Desert

Though ATV biking does not require any official license, it still has many hazards, if one is not being careful. We recommend you the following;

  • Do not wear any loose-fitting clothes
  • Do bring a set of sunglasses
  • Wear good shoes. Open floaters etc, could not create a proper foothold
  • Do report if you have any heart conditions or you are under any medication. For pregnant ladies, we won't advise you to undertake this activity
  • Always follow the ATV tour guide and never ever disrespect his calls. He is for your safety
  • Do not indulge in activities that may put your and others' lives in danger
  • Wear strong gripping gloves
  • In winter, the speed creates additional wind and you are advised to wear proper sweaters and windcheaters


We are Desert Parks, one of the oldest and most experienced in Desert sports activities. We have been in this business for the last 20 years and we know Dubai Desert like no one. We have a fabulous Aladinnisque full-service camp equipped with all amenities for you. Our ATV quad Bike guides are the best in the business. Above all, we have the right attitude of getting you the most chest-pumping sporting moments in the vast Al Awir desert. We would find a challenging course for your teams and be creative to offer new ways so that you keep coming back for more.

As a part of a hospitality conglomerate, we are able to bring the best in hospitality for you so that you have a memorable day with us. What’s more, we part are certified for ISO Quality, Health & Safety, and Environment management systems. This ensures that we keep you safe, healthy, and fully charged for your experience for you. Summing up, we would be your ideal partners because;

  • 1
    We have been doing this for years and hence mastered the art and science of ATVs
  • 2
    We have customer friendly team of relationship management and event management
  • 3
    We come highly recommended by tour agents and other destination management companies
  • 4
    We are an ISO-certified company
  • 5
    Our campsite is at your service too, ensuring that you can enjoy the ride without any concerns
  • 6
    You can simply count on us

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Book Your Quad Biking Tour Today!
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frequently asked questions

An ATV, or All Terrain Bike is special vehicle that has four wheels and comes equipped with a monster power that keeps it afloat on sand and its wheels cam negotiate any terrain due to deep grooves. Monster bikes are also called Quad Bikes or simply Quads. The ATV vehicles are all wheel drives i.e. all the four wheels can turn separately and independently unlike the traditional 2 wheel cars.

It all depends on time and what you plan with it. If you are a solo rider then the package cost could be much higher than a group configuration.

Ideally, you must be above 18 years so that you can have a firm grip on the powerful ATV Quad and you are also able to comprehend the directions of your ATV guide.

Fortunately, you don’t need to have a driving license for operating a Quad. However, it would help if you know car/ bike riding so that balancing the quad would become easy for you.

There is no standard mandatory dress code. However, you should not wear any loose-fitting clothes, you should not wear high heels or floaters. Good-fitting clothes, windcheaters, eyewear, and gloves could be your go-to outfits for Quad biking.

Actually speaking, anytime is a good time! Having said that, we would recommend you early morning or later afternoon for the best riding experience. The sunrise and sunset time are also ideal for photo-op. Noon could become very hot and night is not recommended for amateurs.

We would recommend at least 1 hour. This is because, riding ATV Quad means also enjoying the surroundings, enjoying the wind, enjoying the leaps, and enjoying the sand in your hair (ladies, be aware and be prepared for it!). Locals go for long and deep in the desert with their quads and enjoy the serenity and solitude. It also depends upon your team building briefing, in case you want to go for it. Even for the shortest course of 15 minutes, you need to keep at least 3 hours in total for it.

No, you don’t need to worry at all. We won't ever leave you alone there. Our experienced guide shall always accompany you and ensure that you are always in his line of vision. No matter how deep you want to ride into the red dunes of Al Awir, we have you fully covered.

Yes! We have a Dubai Government-specified undertaking that every rider of ATV Quad needs to agree to and sign. This document is submitted by us to the government. Apart from this undertaking, you need to give us no other document!

Yes! You can jolly well do quad biking as a tourist. In fact, Quand biking is offered to our tourist guests when they come for desert safari as a paid activity inside our camp area. So, even if you are a tourist and you don’t have a driver's license, you may still do ATV Quad biking.

Yes! You may take your GoPro with you. Ask our ATV guide to get it secured on your headgear and take fantastic videos and pictures. We shall also take pictures and give them to you absolutely free of cost!!

No! This is an adventure sport and not suitable to do in bad weather. The desert becomes very dangerous during bad weather. In such cases, we shall give you an alternate date or fully refund your money. Please refer to our cancellation policy for this.

Yes! But you need to take our special infant seat at Aed 100 for this. It is a requirement from the government of Dubai that infants MUST not sit on the laps during quad biking. For this purpose special infant seats are to be used as approved by the government’s order.

Proper headgear, eyewear, good pair of shoes, hand gloves for grip, and full-arm windcheaters could be your best PPEs.

Yes! You may reach the site on your own. Just tell us and we would send you a proper location map for the “Meeting place”, from where our vehicles would pick you up and take you to the actual site.

Yes! You may. Actually, you can discuss it with our relationship team and they would get you the best solution so that you can 2 funs combined in one day.

No! As ATV biking is an open sport where a fall could be very dangerous. Hence it is not allowed for differently challenged people.

As it is well known, Dubai is most pleasant in winter and a bit harsh during summer. While in winter, it could be an all-day activity, in summer it is generally advised to do it in the late evenings. However, if you are up for it, have a summer riding thrill!

No! we would offer free water bottles from our campsites. Based on the duration, we would offer you snacks or a full-course dinner.

Yes! Our campsite, from where the ride begins has separate washroom facilities for ladies and gentlemen that are hygienically kept clean.

No, we do not allow this as it may be unsafe for you!

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Book Your Quad Biking Tour Today!
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